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Dear friends,

We receive many much e-mails for interest of setipiprant. We are proud and thankful that you all support us. Because of your request we have synthesized bulk Batch
which is in stock now. Purity is 99.2% , please check HPLC & NMR attached.

Individual purchase price is 10-12 USD/G,details as below.
Price for 10-30g:$12/g
Price for 40-50g,$10/g

Because of the many requests we'll provide setipiprant for research purpose at bulk price through groupbuy.

- 100g minimum of setipiprant for $700
- Tracked Shipping cost per person $35
-we can do many small 100G or bigger groupbuys

The low price is possible because of our capability to invest in bulk production. This price will only count for groupbuy. Please check the following rules & guidelines for th groupbuy:

- 1 Payment through western union or bank transfer.
- Collect money in one lot
- Communication with one groupbuy organizer per groupbuy
- Groupbuy organizer sends list of participants with their addresses attached in one file
- Minimum QTY 100g
- NO delivery guarantee, Customer responsible for his local customs & package clearance at this groupbuy price (shipment sent from china directly)
- Only for research purpose

For example. You find 5 person who want 20 gram of setipiprant each. This is 100 gram total and need to go to 5 addresses. Cost will be about:

- 100g $700
- 5x shipping cost of $35 = $175

Total cost = $875

Please note countries excluded;

- All South America countries

you can contact us at any time for groupbuys at
Best regards,


NMR 866460-33-5    HPLC 866460-33-5

Products are for research use only. Not for human use. We do not sell to patients.
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