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Custom Synthesis
Custom synthesis has always been a significant part of KoutingChina`s production. In the field of custom synthesis, KoutingChina has its own professional R&D team who dedicated to effective realization of multi-step synthesis in laboratory, pilot and production scale.

Important procedures that we can carry out in our laboratories:
Acetylations by acetyl chloride and acetic acid anhydride
Alkylations by alkyl halides and alkyl sulfates
Carboxylic ester condensation
Catalytic hydrogenations up to 3 bar (1 L Autoclave)
Catalytic reductions by hydrogen
Chlorinations by thionyl chloride
Cleavage of ethers by BBr3
Diazotizations and Sandmeyer reactions
Eschweiler-Clarke methylations
Esterifications and saponifications
Fluorinations by different fluorinating reagents except elementary fluorine
Formations of ethers by different methods (Williamson, Mitsunobu)
Friedel-Crafts alkylations and acylations
Gabriel synthesis
Haloform reactions
Halogenations and halogen exchange reactions
Hydroborations by 9-BBN, borane-THF and borane-amine complexes
Hydroxymethylations by formaldehyde
Isolations of natural stuffs
Ketone and aldehyde condensation reactions
Knoevenagel condensations
Michael reactions
Nitrations of aromatic rings by nitrating acid mixtures or nitric acid
Nucleophilic substitution reactions
Oxidations by peracids, H2O2, nitric acid and others
Perkin reaction
Purifications of chemicals for special applications
Reactions at low temperatures (up to –78°C)
Reactions using hydrogen chloride
Reactions in an inert gas atmosphere
Reductions by metal hydrides
Reductions by sodium metal
Reductive aminations
Seperation of enantiomers
Sulfonations and chlorosulfonations
Synthesis of deuterated compounds
Synthesis of carboxylic acid chlorides by PCl5, PCl3 or SOCl2
Synthesis elaboration for new compounds and known compounds
Synthesis of heterocyclic compounds by various methods
Synthesis of indole derivatives
Synthesis of protected and unnatural amino acids
Synthesis of metal salts of inorganic or organic acids
Synthesis using organometallic compounds (Grignard- and organolithium compounds)
Tailor made solutions and mixtures
Vilsmeier reactions
Wittig- and Wittig-Horner reactions
Wolff-Kishner reductions
and many many more ……

Documents available
Synthetic seismogram (synthetic protocol, TLC plans, etc.).
Gas Chromatography (GC).
High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC).
Mass Spectrometry (MS).
NMR Analysis (1H-NMR; 13C-NMR).
Infrared map (IR).
UV map (UV).

Advantage in custom synthesis field
1)Advanced technology, rich experience and full of innovative professional R & D team.
2) advanced research and development equipment, flexible pilot plant,improved production facilities
3) Perfect Quality Management System, strict accordance with ISO9001: 2008 guidelines and innovation.
4)professional project management personnel, a sound project management system.
5) the production of custom tailored to help customers reduce the cost of money and time.

We will achieve the following requirements in the custom synthesis business:
(1)rapid response;
(2)price concessions;
(3)quality assurance;
(4)timely delivery;
(5) detailed data;
(6)customer satisfaction.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for quotations on our products. Enquiries will always be treated confidentially.

No matter you are interested in which compounds,We will calculate its costs and respond to you in 12~24 hours by e-mail.

Products are for research use only. Not for human use. We do not sell to patients.
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